We have been ranked Tier 1 by ICBC’s Collision Repair Program

We are excited to announce that we’re a Top Performer in ICBC’s Repair Network – Ranked Tier 1 in Collision Repair. They’ve updated their Collision Repair Program and they are now ranking all of the repair shops based on performance.  We have been ranked in the highest category, which is Tier 1. 

Through the Collision Repair Program, ICBC works cooperatively with us to benefit our mutual customers. The program:

  • accredits collision repair facilities that achieve and maintain the highest standards for customer service and quality repairs
  • ensures that customers receive efficient, cost-effective repairs that meet the highest industry standards for safe, proper repairs
  • creates efficiencies by removing obstacles and improving workflow
  • recognizes Participants that perform at a high level
  • provides Participants with access to business systems and software to estimate repairs to ICBC customer vehicles, and
  • recognizes the investments that Participants make in training, equipment, productivity and customer service.
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